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Monday, November 23, 2015

Your Circle! Who are the five people you spend the most time with?

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Will Smith said it best: “You can tell how far in life you’ll go by the 5 people you spend the most amount of time with.” This quote has been said in many ways but the theme is still the same. I remember when someone special to me told me and a relative this, I received it more than my relative did but I still hadn't took it to heart and applied it to my life. My relative on the other hand laughed and said so you're telling me, "I'm going to be and they listed all the worst scenarios possible referring to situations their friends were in. As time went on those things came true. They found themselves in a series of unfortunate events and I quickly learned the importance of  "picking friends like you pick your fruit"- Erykah Badu.

Similar to the law of attraction, you are the sum of your thoughts and the images you see daily. If you constantly fellowship with people in negative circumstances you're attracting that into your life. You ever been in a good mood then encountered a negative co-worker or friend that complained about life and had "woe is me " complex then you find yourself not feeling as happy and good as if their negative energy leeched on to you?!  Well that's a sign you need to limit your time with a person, pray for them, and  possibly love them from afar.



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