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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Flawless Twenty - Fourteen

I know we are all familiar with the New Years' cliches such as "New Year, New You" or "This is my year". We are also equally familiar with those "cool people"  who feel it is their job to complain about and ridicule those happy and positive people who proudly share their cliches and positive aspirations lol. I on the other hand can say without a shadow of a doubt this will be my best year to date and I have declared this year "Flawless Twenty-Fourteen!" or "Flawless Fourteen" for short lol. 

This will be an exciting year and I have a lot of changes, goals, and ideas I will put into action from drinking more water to starting business ventures. I am so looking forward to blogging my exciting experiences and sharing the good news, stay tune! 

I would like to give Beyonce' a shout out for putting the word flawless into my daily vocabulary! #IwokeUpLikeDis lol


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