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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Czar Ice Bar Review

Czar Ice BarCzar Ice Bar
I had the privilege of attending Czar Ice Bar on Tuesday where its ladies night and $2 sushi. Ladies get two free drink tickets and a chance to mingle in a cozy, decorated room full of ambiance and inspiring decor. Czar is known for their extensive vodka selection as well as their iced bar top, I'm pretty sure the Ice bar would have had greater appeal prior to the Atlanta Snow Jam 2014. I think I speak for all of Atlanta when I say we are so over ice lol. Moving along, the drinks were really tasty and worth every cent, in fact I would've gladly payed for it. lol I had the strawberry shortcake and the pineapple upside down cake drinks, they were made perfectly! The $2 sushi was not worth it, I ordered the shrimp and the other girls ordered salmon and some other kind but they weren't impressed either. I will gladly go back and try their mango sushi which wasn't on the $2 menu and I'll write a review about that. The service was not that great but with all things considered I will not complain, my bill was only $2 before tip and taxes lol.

Czar Ice Bar

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