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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Gift Ideas for Every Occasion

Recently a coworker of mine asked me if he should bring a gift to an engagement party, that question led to an entire discussion on gift etiquette. Below are some gift ideas for different occasions:

Baby’s Christening- I recommend a religious gift (exp. baby first bible or cross jewelry)
New Baby- Get something for the baby, I recommend to get it monogrammed with the Baby’s initials. (exp. Blanket, outfit, bibs)
Engagement Party- Buy something that the couple can use. Must be unisex (exp. His and hers glassware, his and hers towel set, wedding planning book)
Anniversary Party- Since the couple already lives together you should not buy anything for the house, instead get something that will get the couple out the house (exp. Gift card to the movies or their favorite restaurant) 
Graduation Party- I know when I graduated High School and College there was only one thing I wanted…MONEY lol. Make sure to put money in the graduate’s card but you can still give them a thoughtful gift (exp. Planners, monogrammed pens, notebooks and labels)
House Warming- Something for the house (exp. Tool box, a plant, doormat, monogram door wreath, coasters, photo frame)
Dance Recital- Flowers of course lol.

What are some neat gift ideas you have? Do Share. XOXO -Angelle

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