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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Water Challenge Update

I was really admiring my skin yesterday and then it hit me, it must be the water or a combination of things including the water. So I decided to share my skin regiment and some helpful water challenge tips. Click Here for previous Water Challenge post


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My Current Skin Regiment: 

  • I drink between 96 ounces to a gallon of water a day. 
  • I drink hot peach tea with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and honey 2-3 times a week. 
  • I take a whole foods, food based multivitamin daily
  • I take flax seed oil supplement 2-3 times daily with meal.
  • I wash my face twice a day with Vitamin E Body Shop face cleanser for 2mins using my Mia 2 Clarisonic.
  • I use my homemade half ACV, half water solution toner 
  • Then I moisturize with Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream and body shop Vitamin E moisturizer with SPF in the morning or Vitamin E intense moisture cream at night sometimes  I substitute the intense moisture cream for Burt bees sensitive skin moisturizer.

Disclaimer: I'm not recommending my skin care regiment nor products I'm just stating it for full disclosure purposes. I am only recommending you drink more water. 


Some Thing's I Found Helpful :

  • Buy a 32 ounce container and fill it up 4 times throughout the day, that should result in you drinking 128 ounces of water also known as a gallon. 
  • Time is another great tip. You aren't suppose to drink water too fast just so you can get your gallon in lol. Instead have a time target or estimate time for completion. For example  sip on 32 ounces every three hours.  I start drinking my first 32 ounces at 7am and I'm completed by 10:30 am. My second set of 32 ounces usually last me from 10:30am - 1pm. My third set of 32 lasts me from 1 - 3pm. Then I drink my last 32 while I am home usually between 5-9pm at night. 
  • Buy a Brita water pitcher or dispenser. Drinking 8 water bottles a day can be expensive and wasteful! Not to mention how strenuous it is for a single female living in an apartment complex trying to carry and unload a pack of water bottles from her car to her front door lol. Either you can constantly carry a ton of water bottles or you can have an unlimited supply of water and replace your filter every two months for $8 its totally up to you lol

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