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Thursday, February 6, 2014

‘Toned Up’ Season Finale

I’m sad to say that today is the season finale for one of my favorite reality shows, ‘Toned Up’. ‘Toned Up’ is about two best friends, Karena and Katrina whose passion for a healthy lifestyle lead to a million dollar business. They are co-owners of a fast growing lifestyle empire which includes: workout DVDs, meal plans, healthy recipes, a blog and much more.

One of the reasons I love this show so much is because Karena and Katrina remind me of myself and Christina. Two girls trying to make it in today’s world! They even have their own secret language “MEOW”. As one of them said “Good girlfriends are hard to fine”, so you should cherish the ones you have.  Tune in tonight for the season finale of ‘Toned Up’ on Bravo 10/9c. Until next season MEOW!


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