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Thursday, February 27, 2014


The other day my Pastor gave a lesson on sin. He had 3 men stand on the altar, each holding a ball. One had a 16 pound bowling ball; one had a volleyball that weighed about 10 ounces; and the other a pool ball that weighed around 6 ounces. He assigned each ball a sin, the bowling ball represented murder, the volley ball represented theft, and the pool ball represented a little white lie.  The men dropped the balls they were holding at the same time. Even though each ball weighed a different amount they all hit the floor at the same time. My Pastor used this to demonstrate to us that SIN IS SIN. God looks at all sin the same…murder is not a bigger sin than a little white lie.

If we start to view all sin the same maybe we’ll show more mercy to others. I have never killed anyone but I have told a little white lie. The good thing about this is according to Romans 5:20 “Where sin abounded, grace did much more abound.” Hope this encourages you to show mercy to others. XOXO –Angelle 

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