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Wednesday, February 12, 2014


The greatest feeling in this world is to know that you are loved and God loves us so much more than we can comprehend. There is a peace above all understanding once you embrace that love from God. There is also a super natural power that can be activated once we truly embrace Gods love.

"It is the combination of thought and love which forms the irresistible force of the law of attraction"
-Charles Haanel

"There is no greater power in the Universe than the power of love... In fact, some of the great thinkers of the past referred to the law of attraction as the law of love... The greater the love you feel and emit, the greater the power you are harnessing" 
excerpts from The Secret, The Secret Made Simple chapter pg 38

Activate the power of love and watch how your life starts to transform! God is the creator of love and we were made in his image so he wants us to experience love and have divine power to create a life of abundance filled with love or at least that's what I think at this stage in life lol (but I'm serious). Its not always easy to walk in love and feel God's love but if you make the conscious decision to read about love daily and look for examples of love you will attract more love and power into your life. 



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