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Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Water Challange

One of my goals for this year was to drink more water and pursue natural remedies for everything.  I try to drink between 3 liters and a gallon of water a day. I can say since starting the water challenge faithfully about three weeks ago, I have noticed my skin, hair, and scalp feels less dry and itchy. I would love it if others joined me *hint hint* so that we can encourage each other to stick with it.

I have included some water challenge inspiration and testimonies below.

This lady says drinking three liters of water a day took ten years off her face. Read the rest of her story here. 

Gabrielle Union shared her beauty secrets with Essence Mag back in 2012. Your skin is amazing! Describe your skin care routine for us.
Union: It’s funny because I have all of my cleansers in my shower but it really depends on what I feel like using that day. If I want an extra boost, I use the Neutrogena Oil Free Pink Grapefruit Scrub because it’s so pungent. If I wake up with a huge blemish on my face, I’ve got to attack it so I might use an acne-specific cleanser. When I take off my makeup I love the Pink Grapefruit cleanser because when I’m working, they really pack on the makeup so I have to use a deep cleanser. I always use the Clear Poer Toner after I cleanse just to make sure I’ve removed all the makeup. Do you have any beauty secrets that keep your skin glowing?
Union: I try to drink a gallon of water a day and it’s made a huge difference in my hair, skin and nails.  I generally don’t have major skin flare-ups because I’m so hydrated.  Substitute soda, juice, and any sort of sugary drink out of your diet.  That’s been the best and easiest secret.
Chilli sat down to share some beauty secrets with Hype Hair awhile back. Link

Refresh Your Beauty
Hype Hair: Now, what about your skin-care routine? How do you care for your skin?
Chilli: It's funny, because people always ask me that question, and on my Twitter page, everything I talk about relates to health and taking care of your skin and all of that kind of stuff. The number-one thing that I suggest that helps with the skin is water. You can never drink enough water, and I have to say I exfoliate my skin a lot. I think that's very important because you're always getting rid of that dead layer.
Hype Hair: How often do you exfoliate?
Chilli: Three times a week, but you have to find a scrub that is not too abrasive, because then you're going to damage your skin.
Hype Hair: Let's talk makeup. Do you have any favorite brands?
Chilli: When I don't have to be in front of the camera, I just love lip gloss, and I might put on a little teeny, tiny bit of eyeliner. When I'm really dressing up, but don't have to be in front of the camera, I'll just put on some blush.
Hype Hair: So you just keep it to the bare minimum?
Chilli: Yep. I'm telling you, if you drink that water and cut out certain things — when the skin is clear and smooth, you don't need makeup.
Hype Hair: That's true. That water will clear your skin up so well.
Chilli: Yes, ma'am. You might have to go to the bathroom a little more often, but let's weigh the options. I'd rather go to the bathroom about three more times a day than have to deal with pimples all over my face, so y'all can talk about me and say, "Chilli needs to use Proactiv." (Laughs)
Hype Hair: So your most tried-and-true beauty tip is just drinking that water for your skin?
Chilli: Yes. Water and exfoliating, and find a good vitamin C serum for your skin because vitamin C is very good for your skin.

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